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My device is not listed. What can I try?



  1. Turn on the device you want to control.
  2. Press and hold SETUP until the LED indicator lights steadily. Release Setup button.
  3. Press the mode button that matches the equipment you want to control. The LED blinks once.
  4. Press CHANNEL + repeatedly until the device to be controlled changes channel. If the device does not have a Channel Up function, use the PLAY button (VCR only) or the POWER button.
  5. If you accidentally go past the code, press CHANNEL - repeatedly until the channel changes again.
  6. Press and release the ENTER button to complete the setup.

The above assumes that you want to store VCR codes under the VCR key, Cable codes under CBL, etc. If you want to store a VCR code under SAT, etc., first follow the procedure on page 11 and try ANY SAT code from the code tables, e.g. press SAT in step 3, page 11, and then enter ANY VCR code. Then follow the steps above.

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