Vanguard Will Not Switch Cameras

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I cannot switch cameras from my computer. What should I do?


  • Can you switch cameras via remote control? If not, please get that working first.
  • Is your CM19A attached to the computer? It is required for camera control.
  • Does the CM19A's LED blink briefly when you click on a camera motion button? If not, it may have an issue.
  • In Options-Cameras, are the correct cameras selected, and are they at the correct House and Unit code? If not, camera control will not work.
  • You may be seeing a radio issue. What objects lie in a straight-line path between the CM19A and the cameras or the TM751 module? Try repositioning the CM19A.
  • If you hold the remote right next to the CM19A, can it still switch the cameras? If not, relocate the CM19A.