Video Calling System Setup

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IMPORTANT! Please download and install the Video Calling System software before you plug in the VA11A video capture adapter to your computer system.

Include wbw.jpg

Unpack these items.

Download X10 Software. Click on the software link in the email you received titled "New Software Download Link." Before you download the software, choose the option to save the file, and save it onto your desktop so you can more easily access it later.

Disable or turn off your anti-virus software before you install the software as some anti-virus programs interfere with the installation. Remember to turn on your anti-virus program when you finish these steps.

Launch wbw.gif

Install Software. Go to your desktop and double click the installation program you just downloaded. The software installation process will install the driver for your VA11A.

Va11a wbw.gif

Windows XP Users: When you see a notice that the X10 VA11A Video Capture driver has not passed Windows Logo testing, click "Continue Anyway." Installing these drivers will not negatively affect your computer. Continue to click "Continue Anyway" until entire installation is completed.


Plug the USB end of the VA11A Video Converter to your PC (wait until the installation program asks you to connect it).

Ylw ends2.jpg

Connect the yellow female video cable from VA11A to one end of the yellow male video cable. Connect the other end of the yellow male video cable to the input jack on the camera.

Van 2.jpg

Connect the camera to its power supply and plug it into a wall outlet.

Cm19a fixed.jpg

Install the CM19A by plugging the USB cable from it into an available USB slot on your PC. Please ensure that you have run the setup software before you plug the CM19A into your PC.

Van 3.jpg

Put 4 AAA batteries (not included) into the remote control.

Congratulations - you are now ready to use your video calling system! All you need to do is run your X10 software by using the entry in your Windows Start Menu, or double-click the icon on your desktop to open the program.

When the program opens you should see the camera's image in its own window, complete with virtual navigation pan and tilt arrows.

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