Using XRay Vision as a Web Cam

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How can I use XRay Vision as a web cam?

To use XRay Vision as a web cam, you first need to set up the file transfer information for your web server. Right-click in the main window to bring up the XRV pop-up menu. Choose "Settings," and then "Internet and Dial-Up Settings." Select the "Export HTML" tab. For "Location" choose "FTP," and then enter the information you use to send files to your web server. Then select the name of the file to be used (the one you will link to) and click "OK" to save these changes. Next, bring up the pop-up menu again and choose "Settings" and "Server Events." Under the "Export HTML" tab you can choose how often you want to save the image to your PC. If you want to make XRay Vision work like a typical web cam, you will probably want to have the image uploaded every few minutes.

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