Using XRay Vision as a Web Cam

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How can I use XRay Vision as a web cam?


To use XRay Vision as a web cam, you first need to set up the file transfer information for your web server:

  • Right-click in the main window to bring up the XRV pop-up menu.
  • Choose "Settings," and then "Internet and Dial-Up Settings."
  • Select the "Export HTML" tab. For "Location" choose "FTP," and enter the information you use to send files to your web server.
  • Select the name of the file to be used (the one you will link to) and click "OK" to save these changes.
  • Next, bring up the pop-up menu again and choose "Settings" and "Server Events."
  • Under the "Export HTML" tab you can choose how often you want to save the image to your PC.

If you want to make XRay Vision work like a typical web cam, you will probably want to have the image uploaded every few minutes.