H.264 Airsight FTP Service Settings

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How do I setup my Airsight Cameras to use FTP Service?

Models XX39A, XX59A


Set FTP service, Snapshots will be delivered to appointed FTP server when alarmed.

Click “FTP Service Settings” to enter the interface:

For IE, camera will show as below:


For Safari, Chrome, Firefox, camera will show as below:


Enable FTP: Set FTP function ON/OFF.

FTP Server: Set FTP server address.

FTP Port: Set the port of FTP server, default is 21.

FTP User: Set the user name of FTP server.

FTP Password: Set the password of FTP server.

Upload Folder: Set the path of remote FTP server. Make sure that the folder you plan to store images exists.

(The camera cannot create the folder itself). Also, the folder must be erasable.

FTP Mode: It supports standard (POST) mode and passive (PASV) mode.

Click save to submit, click test to check the settings.

NOTE: When alarmed, there will be 3 snapshots sent to the FTP server every 1 second.