Improving PTZ Control Range In AHP

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Why can I pan and tilt my cameras from my remote, but not from ActiveHome Pro?


If you are having problems with your remote control or motion sensor, it is always a good idea to first make sure you have fresh batteries in it.

Your ActiveHome Pro USB Interface (CM15A) uses radio frequency ("RF") signals to communicate with the pan/tilt mechanisms, so it is best to set up the interface for optimal transmission. Here are some options to try:

  • Move the antenna on the interface so it is sticking straight out from the body of the box. In many cases, this will improve transmission range significantly.

  • Try moving the interface itself to an outlet away from your computer and monitor. You can use an extension cord or power strip--but not a surge protector--to get it higher off the ground, where it may be easier to send the signals.

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