Saving Pictures to Your PC with XRay Vision

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How do I save the picture on my PC?

There are two ways to save XRay Vision snapshots on your computer: from the Active Log and using the automatic HTML save feature. If you are looking at pictures in the Active Log and want to save one, double-click on the image, and then choose "Save As" from the menu in the new window. You will be able to save the image as a JPG or BMP file and name it whatever you like. In addition, you can use the HTML save feature to save images as part of an HTML page on your computer. Right-click in the main window and choose "Settings," and then "Internet and Dial-Up Settings." Select the "Export HTML" tab. For "Location," click on "Local," and then enter the folder where you want to save the picture. Then select the name of the file you want to use. Click "OK" to save these changes. Bring up the pop-up menu again and choose "Settings" and "Server Events" this time. Under the "Export HTML" tab you can choose how often you want to save the image to your PC.

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