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When I transmit a dim command, my transceiver (TM751) dims the light all the way down and then the transceiver locks up until I unplug it. Why does this happen?


This can occur when the TM751 receives a dim or bright command since it only needs a 120KHz signal present in the environment to keep dimming or brightening, therefore, electromagnetic interference (EMI), commonly referred to as line noise, can cause it to keep going after it gets the first valid code.

A house/unit code before each additional dim command is not needed. To help you determine if you have line noise, you will need a surge protector. If the surge protector has other devices plugged into it, remove them. The surge protector will help to create a "quiet" test area, but please keep in mind that this is not an absolute method of line noise detection. Plug your transceiver and lamp module into the surge protector. Using your remote, dim the light. If the dimming problem persists, unplug/turn off any line noise producing devices, such as a cordless phone, cell phone, microwave, stereo system, computer, etc. Try dimming again.

If you are unable to determine the source of the interference, we can exchange the transceiver, provided the warranty is still valid. A replacement transceiver may be more tolerant of the line noise present in your home; however, it is likely to operate in the same manner.

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