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I have installed at least six XPFM modules that have not been a problem. I just installed two X10pro XPFM right out of the box, that had been around for about a year. They respond to their individual house code and unit code, but do not respond to all lights on (works OK for all units off).

These are brand new x10 PRO Model XPFM (listed340F Remote switch E63636).

Help, can't afford to throw them out, but because they were stock, shelf items, they are beyond return date.

XPFM extras

Do you still have these 2 XPFM Modules? Are you trying to sell them? What price?

Wow the same thing happened to me =

I bought these on a well known online auction site. Maybe I got a bad batch. They used to be cheap, but now the price has doubled.