Testing the VA11A with Movie Maker

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I am not sure whether I am having problems with the VA11A drivers or with my software.

Is there some way to test my VA11A adapter and drivers outside of the X10 software?


Yes, there is an easy test you can run if you are using Windows XP: thumb The Video Capture Wizard

  • Go into the Start menu and select Run. Type MOVIEMK and hit Enter.
  • Go up to the File menu and select Capture Video...
  • You should now see a Video Capture Wizard. Under Available Devices, you should see X10 Video Capture, VA11A Version 2.55. Click on it to highlight its icon, then click Next.
  • On the following two screens, just click Next again.
  • You should now be at the Capture Video section of the wizard. In the

Preview window, you should see a live video feed from your camera. thumb The Capture Video section. You should see video in the black rectangle.