Touch Tone Controller Setup

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How do I setup my Touch Tone Controller?


Install the Hardware

  • Plug the power cord into any functioning outlet, and plug the phone cord into a phone jack. (Connect to the unit first, then to the wall jack.)
  • Using a small screwdriver, set the Touch Tone Controller's Housecode dial to the same letter as your X10 Modules (A through P).
  • Set a Personal Identification Number: (PIN) (0-999). Use one, two, or three digits as desired. You can set all dials to the OFF position for no security (PIN) code (not recommended).
  • Set the Ans Delay switch to Min (for 15 seconds delay), or Max (for 35 seconds delay) before the unit answers a call.
  • Install and set up X10 Modules (sold separately).
  • Set all your Modules to the same Housecode as the Touch Tone Controller.
  • Set each Module to a Unit Code between 1 and 8. Any Module(s) set to the same number as the third digit on the security code dial (on right) flashes on and off when the phone rings.



To Turn a light or appliance ON or OFF from the key pad

Press and release the number button (1-8) corresponding to the Unit Code on the Module you want to control. Then press and release the ON or OFF button.

To turn on ALL lights from the keyboard. Press and release the All Lights On button. This turns on all lights connected to Lamp Modules and Wall Switch Modules which are set to the same Housecode as the Touch Tone Controller. This button does not affect Appliance Modules.

To turn off all lights and appliances from the keyboard. Press and release the All Units Off button. This turns off all Modules which are set to the same Housecode as the Touch Tone Controller, including Appliance Modules.


Call home from any touch-tone phone. If you do NOT own an answering machine, the Touch Tone Controller answers after 15 or 35 seconds (depending on the position of the delay switch) and gives three beeps. If you do own an answering machine, then it will answer first. In this case, the Tone Controller will do nothing until you enter its PIN.

  • Enter your security code (PIN) from the touch-tone keypad on the phone you are calling from. You hear another three beeps.
  • Press the touch-tone number key corresponding to the X10 Module you want to control. Use the 0 digit for Module number 10.
  • Press * for ON or # for off.

You hear 3 beeps after on, 2 beeps after off. You hear one long beep if you press an invalid key. You may continue to enter a number, followed by * or #. If you press 1, 2, * you will turn on Modules 1 and 2, not Module 12. You can only control Modules 1 thru 10 from an outside phone (1 through 8 from the Touch Tone Controller's keyboard).

Enter the security PIN code only once at the beginning. If you make a mistake when entering digits, press * or # and enter them again. The Touch Tone Controller keeps the line engaged for 30 seconds after the last key you press.