Ways to Get XRV Images Remotely

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How can I see my X-Ray Vision images when I am not at my computer?


There are a few different ways of getting to the images on your home computer. Here is a listing of the different ways to obtain them, as well as what is involved in each one.

  1. Home computer sends you email with images in them. This can happen however you set it up, either at a specific time, when the XRV detects motion, or on a regular cycle (such as every 30 minutes). To do this, the computer at home must automatically dial your ISP, establish a connection, and email the images.
  2. Home computer uploads the images to a web site. This also can be at a specific time, when motion is detected, or on a regular cycle. To upload the images to a web site, you again have to have XRV dial up your ISP, get online, and then it connects with your ftp server to upload the images.
  3. Direct connection from XRV Remote program to XRV Server program. This only works with the Server started. If the home computer is already on the Internet, and XRV is started, you can right-mouse click and choose START SERVER. This is where you get the 10 digit installation key. You also enter a password here. Then the green light on the program turns on, and the XRV Server program is able to be connected to the XRV Remote.

Using the XRV Remote, you click on RETRIEVE RECORDS. You can enter in the installation key and the password you used earlier, and the program will connect to the XRV Server and download the snapshots from the Active Log.