5-in-1 Universal Learning Remote

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What's Included


Model: UR74A

With the Universal 5-in-1 Learning Remote (UR74A) you can even control your lights and appliances from this remote as well! Throw away old remotes and "upgrade" to one remote that does it ALL!

-Extensive library includes codes for most TVs, VCRs, Satellite, and cable boxes etc.

-Easy to setup - just look up the code for the TV, VCR etc. and enter it into the remote using a simple key sequence.

-Learn the codes from obscure "old" audio/video remotes

Product Pages


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Which code do I use to set up my universal remote?

My device is not listed. What can I try?

The Code Search feature did not control my device. What can I try?

Why isn't my Learning Remote learning a code from my original remote?

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