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X10 MS18A: SMART Motion Detector


The new and improved SMART Motion Detectors are completely wireless and run on two AA batteries, with a 30-40 foot detection range. Set them up in your upstairs and downstairs hallways or in the basement stairwell. Any motion detected will trigger your alarm system. You can also set the system in Home Mode, which deactivates the Motion Detectors so you don't trigger the system in the middle of the night. The SMART Motion Detectors also come tamper-resistant.

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2 AA cells
2 1/2" wide x 3 7/8" tall x 1 5/8" deep



Is it difficult to set-up?

  • No way! Mount the Detector with the included mounting bracket, position it facing slightly downward, set the sensitivity and register and test it with the console. Piece of cake!

What makes the SMART Motion Detector (MS18A) different than the original Motion Detector (MS10A)?

  • The new SMART Motion Detector has a rounder, more modern design. Plus, it has a tamper-resistant feature that triggers the alarm system when the Sensor is tampered with!

Does it work with my old security console?

  • Absolutely! The SMART Motion Detector works with both the new SecuriLINK Console and Protector Plus Console (PS561).

What is the slider switch on the back of the MS18A for?

  • It's a sensitivity switch. Set the slide switch (on the back) to position 1 for instant triggering for maximum sensitivity or position 2 to trigger only after two movements have been sensed.

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