Personal Assistance Voice Dialer

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PA5800 / PA5900: Personal Assistance Voice Dialer

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The Personal Assistance Voice Dialer is the easiest way for you or a family member to maintain independence. When a person in distress triggers the system by pressing the heart pendant, a built-in siren automatically sounds and the system immediately calls four phone numbers of your choosing to deliver a message. All for no monthly fees!

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PA5800 Specifications

0.2 lbs.
Power Supply
120VAC @ 60Hz
Power Consumption
Backup Battery
One (1) 9V backup battery

PA5900 Specifications

Power Supply
XM19A - 8V DC, 400 mA. Do not use any alternate power supply.
Backup Battery
4 AA cells
1 3/4" deep x 5 1/2" tall x 8 3/8" wide


How do I setup my Personal Alert System?

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