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VK79A: Sentinel PTZ Camera System


The Sentinel was designed according to the specifications that you, the customer, demanded. You wanted a weatherproof security camera, and with the Sentinel's weather-resistant dome, you get dependable surveillance all the time, rain or shine! You were tired of grainy green night vision - with the Sentinel's Starlight Mode, you get a clear full color picture even in the middle of the night! And of course we still offer the same great features that you've come to expect from X10 products, including motion-activated recording, web control, and even complete home automation integration, so you can control your Sentinel camera, house lights, and appliances from any internet-connected computer in the world!

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Image Quality

Image Sensor
Scanning System
525 Lines, 60 Frames / Sec
480 TV Lines (VCR Quality)

Camera Control

44X Total (22X Optical with 2X Digital)
Pan Movement Range
280° left and right
Tilt Movement Range
30° downwards
Camera Position Memory
9 Locations including position and zoom level
Automatic / Manual by remote control
(brightness) Automatic / Manual by remote control
White Balance
RF Frequency
310 MHz (uses proprietary X10 commands)


6.5" H x 8.5" W x 10.5" D
Horizontal Field Of View
50° (330° total with pan)
Vertical Field Of View
30° (60° total with tilt)
Video Output
2.4 GHz Wireless Or Video Cable
Operating Environment
Outdoor/Indoor Use
Operating Temperature
14°F to 122°F
Operating Humidity
Within 85% RH
Minimum Illumination
0.02 lux (In Starlight Mode)

X10 Systems

Camera Network
Backward compatible with all X10 cameras


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