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Remember the first time you experienced the simple thrill of making something happen by remote control? Well, get prepared to feel that again on a grand scale. With the NEW ActiveHome Professional, its never been more easy or affordable to put home automation to work for you. It's the rebirth of cool! X10's ActiveHome gives you the home of tomorrow, today! You can have your futuristic dream home at a price that will stun you! Easy to install! Easy to use! Easy to expand and modify over time! X10 Fanatics across the country have proclaimed ActiveHome the home automation system to have!

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How do I reinstall ActiveHome Pro?

When I connect my USB ActiveHome Interface (CM15A), Windows tells me it has found an Unknown Device. I have the driver installed; how do I fix this?

Cuando conecto mi interfaz del USB ActiveHome (CM15A), Windows me dice que haya encontrado un dispositivo desconocido. Hago el conductor instalar; ¿cómo arreglo esto?

ActiveHome Pro doesn't work. Help!

How can I get a new link to download the ActiveHome Pro software?

Why can't I turn my module on from ActiveHome Pro?

How do I add a module to ActiveHome Pro?

How do I delete a module from ActiveHome Pro?

Are batteries required to operate the CM15A?

My CM15A seems to be draining batteries while it is plugged in to the wall. Is this normal?

What do I do if I get an error message that "ActiveHome Pro has stopped working - Windows is checking for a solution to the problem"?

Known Issues with ActiveHome Pro

How can I find out if ActiveHome Pro is hearing noise on a specific house code?

What can I do to improve the range of my remote controls?

I can control modules from the ActiveHome Pro screen, but not using my remote controls. What should I do?

Why do my macros and timers work for a while after each download, but then quit?

I get weird errors during the installation process, before I am asked to plug anything in. What should I do?

When I connect my USB ActiveHome Interface (CM15A), Windows asks me to insert a disk. I don't have a disk. What do I do?

When I plug in my USB ActiveHome Interface (CM15A), it's not recognized. What should I do?

I can control some of my modules, but not all of them. What can I do?

Why do some modules work in some outlets and not in others?

Why do some modules sometimes turn on and off by themselves?

I enter my order number to register the program, but it doesn't work. What do I do?

Why can't I register my software?

When I try to register I get the message "Max reg reached." Help!

The program is telling me "Cannot retrieve registration from server" when I try to register.

I keep getting the error "Did not find registration code" when I try to register.

How can I make a timer in ActiveHome Pro repeat itself?

Outlook Express is blocking access to my software download. What can I do?

What is my registration code?

How do I know the code to register my software?

How do I create a macro in Activehome Pro?

How do I create a timer in Activehome Pro?

Why can't I see where to select rooms or add modules in ActiveHome Pro?

How can I program my socket rocket without a remote?

How do I set the CM15A to send RF commands?

How do I control a TM751 with ActiveHome Pro?

What do I do if ActiveHome Pro crashes after it starts and runs correctly for several minutes?

What do I do if ActiveHome Pro crashes with an ERROR GETTING X10NET INTERFACE?

When my Protector Plus is on the same house code as my modules I use in Activehome Pro I cannot control them. Why?

I can control my lights/appliances through ActiveHome Pro manually, so why are my timers not working?

How can I copy my ActiveHome Pro settings to a new computer?

How can I control a PowerHorn siren from ActiveHome Pro?

Why does ActiveHome Pro crash when I try to add a module?

Every time I try to access the video-related tabs in Tools-Preferences, ActiveHome Pro crashes. How do I fix this?

What does the Monitored House Code do in ActiveHome Pro?

How does the CM15A interface keep track of time? Will it lose time if it isn't connected to the PC? How and how often does it update?

How can I create a desktop shortcut for ActiveHome Pro?

How do I setup my ActiveHome Pro to work with a CM11A Serial Interface?

Why am I not able to fully uninstall Active Home PRO from my Windows 64 bit OS?

What is the "Dusk and Dawn" feature in AHP and how does it work?

How do I give my house a "lived in look while I am away?

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