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SC1200-GSM: X10 Cellular SecuriLINK Security Console with GSM


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Power Supply
XM19A - 8V DC, 400 mA. Do not use any alternate power supply.
Backup Battery
4 AA cells
1 3/4" deep x 5 1/2" tall x 8 3/8" wide


Where do I get a SIM card for my GSM Alarm System? What size of SIM card do I need?

What wireless carriers can I use?

Why can't I use my current wireless provider?

Are your consoles compatible with my 3G or 4G network?

Why is my system not working?

How do I set the PIN on my SecuriLINK console?

How do I set the time on my SecuriLINK console?

Why is my PowerHorn not working?

Will my pet set off the motion sensor?

Can I hook up an outdoor siren to my security system?

How do I add a PowerHorn siren to my system?

When I alarm the system in the Delay mode, is my siren supposed to make noise?

How can I make my remotes and sensors work farther from the console?

I have a double window or door; do I need to use two Door/Window Sensors?

How can I add an extra magnet switch to a Door/Window Sensor?

Can I use another sensor with the SecuriLINK GSM console, like a water level sensor?

How do I use my Lamp Modules with my SecuriLINK console?

What is the difference between the 2 chimes I hear?

How do I use my SecuriLINK GSM console as a personal assistance voice dialer?

How long before the dialer calls the next number if no one answers the phone?

How do I perform a factory reset on the console?

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